Used new high efficiency fine crusher quoted price

Xuanshi has successfully designed and manufactured the newest high efficiency fine crusher. It is mainly used for fine crushing of dinas, sand making, and for crushing in cement factory, etc. The high efficiency fine crusher integrates the advantages of hammer crusher, impact crusher, etc. and is further improved in terms of structure, materials, etc. The optimized crushing chamber improves fine crushing effects and enhances the unitarity of spare parts. The hammerhead is designed with tungsten and titanium alloy integrated structure and other special wear-resistant materials which greatly lengthen the service life of hammerhead. It is a high-tech product for which we have full intellectual property rights. Our company owns the technology, in terms of clinker crushing in particular, which is way ahead of our fellow competitors.


1. High efficiency fine crusher with high yield and the product is small in size.

2. The crushing cavity enables the wear-resistant parts to have longer service life.

3. The space between impact plate and hammerhead can be adjusted.

4. The hydraulic device is convenient to maintain.

5. The distance between discharging grates and rotor can be adjusted. The facility enjoys steady discharging granularity.


High efficiency fine crusher is used for fine crushing medium hard materials in concrete industry, such as limestone, plaster, clinker, mixed material, calcium phosphide, dolomite, and pearl ore, etc. It is also applicable to building material, fertilizer, mine and fireproofing material industries.

Working Principle :

The rotator driven by motor performs high-speed rotation. The materials are primarily crushed in the first crushing chamber by colliding with hammer of the rotator, and then enter the secondary chamber for fine crushing. Finally the materials are being discharged from the discharge port.

Technical Parameters:

Model Feeding Opening Size(mm) Max. Feeding Size(mm) Discharging Size(mm) Adjustable Width of Rod(mm) Capacity(T/H) Power (Kw)
Cement Clinker Limestone
Φ 800×400 400×185 <180 <5 0-30 20-30 30-35 37
Φ 800×600 500×250 <180 <5 0-30 35-40 40-45 45
Φ 800×800 550×330 <180 <5 0-30 40-45 45-50 45
Φ 1000×1000 1000×350 <180 <5 0-30 50-55 65-75 55
Φ 1200×1000 1200×400 <180 <5 0-30 65-80 75-100 100/110
Φ 1200×1200 1200×450 <180 <5 0-30 75-90 90-110 110/132
Φ 1400×1400 1500×500 <190 <5 0-30 90-130 110-150 160
Φ 1600×1600 1600×550 <190 <5 0-30 180-210 190-250 250
Φ 1800×1800 1800×800 <190 <5 0-30 250-270 280-310 315

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